Fake Games: Valve removed 173 Scraps of Steam

Fake Games: Valve entfernt 173 Schrottspiele von Steam

With a series of measures, including the replacement of Steam Greenlight by Steam Direct, Valve wanted to master the flood of scrap on the sales platform. Now the company has painted 173 games from the shop – all of which were released by the same developer.

The games are from a studio, which has published under twelve different names a multiplicity of nearly identical goods on Steam. This game spam could be quite significant: The YouTuber SidAlpha analyzed that the developers were responsible for 10 percent of all games released in the months of July and August via Steam. These asset flips, referred to as “Fake Games” by Valve, were compiled without pre-requisite self-service from prefabricated modules purchased from the marketplace of the Unity engine.

SteamDirect does not work

The developers have used these modules extensively and, as Jim Sterling on YouTube shows, several times with minimal variations. For example, in the case of Racoon Hero, a pong variation. The entire project is available in the Unity store for around $ 50 and has been used in at least five games with a varied background image. The 100 US dollar fee that charges Valve for each game in the Direct program did not have a deterrent effect.

On the contrary, the developers, so SidAlpha, have bundled several games in a direct transaction and thus saved fees. Jim Sterling, among other things, comes to the conclusion that the self-publishing system is currently a failure: without the least rudimentary reliance on the users, the quality of the scrap games was once again massively reduced – while the flood of waste products remained unchanged ongoing.

The meaning is in collecting cards

Profit is not achieved with the sale of the games; Titles of this type fill up favorable bundles of the absolute junk class. Rather, the developers profit from the card system, because they are involved in every transaction and users with their sale the price of a game bundle more than can import. Valve has been calling for this abuse of the platform for some time.

Spamming cloned games or manipulating our store tools isn’t something we will tolerate. Our priority is helping players find games they will enjoy playing.

The reaction of the company was correspondingly clear, at least games of an asset flip-studio are now no longer found in the shop. Against Polygon, Valve made the step with the effects of the “shop and tools”, including the free activation key, the Valve has recently restricted somewhat. The massive publication of “almost identical products” has made it harder for customers to find “fun games to play”.

While the reaction is quite satisfactory, the fundamental problem is not resolved. Valve reacts only to combat symptoms without the cause.



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