Nintendo: The SNES Mini has an NES Classic Mini

Nintendos Retro Console SNES Classic Mini emulates the Super Nintendo Entertainment System with the same hardware that has already powered the NES Classic Mini (Test). Differences are found only in the recorded software.

Two consoles, one board, lower cost

Corresponding rumors has now confirmed Eurogamer after the disassembly of both consoles. In SNES and NES Mini is the same SoC with Cortex-A7 cores, ARM-Mali-400 graphics unit and 256 MB memory. In addition, both consoles access 512 MB of NAND memory. This creates hopes that, like NES Mini, it is possible to add more titles to the pre-installed games with hacks.

What makes the console special is, consequently, its software emulation. In addition to the basic hardware of the SNES, this must also be able to emulate additional hardware, including Super FX (2) and the SA1 upgrade.

The choice of the same hardware has the advantage for Nintendo that numbers could be scaled up more easily. In addition, the costs are falling: on the one hand, because the same components can be produced in larger numbers, on the other hand because the same processes, machines and tools are used in production. And the development effort is spread over two generations.


NES Classic Mini comes back in 2018

In fact, Nintendo wants to offer more SNES Mini in the course of this and the coming year; the predecessor was still very quickly out of print and was traded at high prices. He is also expected to return to the market in 2018. The boards are then likely to be shipped off the assembly line as part of the same order.



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