PC-Port: Nioh will appear in the November 2017 for the PC

PC-Port: Nioh erscheint im November 2017 für den PC

Nioh is considered to be the best Dark Souls since Dark Souls, was so far, however, only on the PlayStation 4 (Pro). This condition will change soon: Already on 7. November, the Action role-playing game as a Complete Edition on Steam for Windows PCs appears.

As the last Final Fantasy 15, the game is temporarily exclusive to the Sony console reserved. On the PC, all three previously released DLCs are in the full edition already part of the offer, in addition, Publisher Koei Tecmo promises to graphical improvements.

Graphics improvements for the PC

In Detail, the Publisher is not in the announcement. Like on the PlayStation 4 will Nioh but are in two different playing modes: The “Action mode” aims to bring a stable 60 frames per second on the screen, the “Movie-mode”, however, the display resolution on the UHD Format. Whether with powerful computers both modes can be combined, it is not apparent from the words of the company.

#Nioh Coming to PC (Steam) as Nioh: Complete Edition on the 7th November2017!#DefyDeath with all DLC included + enhanced graphical modes! pic.twitter.com/YNYCOjvOnp

— KOEI TECMO EUROPE (@koeitecmo Europe) October 2, 2017
Nioh sends in contrast to Dark Souls no-name-body adventure, but with William Adams, the first “Western Samurai”. The story is heavily fictionalized; Adams met in addition to historical Make for all sorts of supernatural creatures from Asian and in particular Japanese mythology. These appear to be due to the many ravages that the ongoing conflict of the Japanese Clans in the Sengoku Era (around 1600 ad) produced prior to the unification of the country.

Update 03.10.2017 At 00:20
On the now available Steam product page, Koei Tecmo reveals the system requirements of the game. Measured at the specified Hardware it is a Central Port that puts moderate demands on the CPU and GPU; it is recommended the current middle-class Hardware. Only the memory space required is dramatic: 100 gigabytes of documents games is extremely rare.



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