Sick City: Roccat failed with the first game

Sick City: Roccat failed with the first game

In May the PC peripherals manufacturer Roccat surprised with the announcement that they wanted to develop video games in the future. However, the first attempt of the Roccat Games Studio founded for it failed. Now the attitude of the tactics game Sick City was announced.

Roccat was not enough for Sick City

” Because of the very reserved responses to the game, we have made the hard decision to finish the project, ” it says in the official announcement. Although much time and money has already been invested in the development, this is now being discontinued. Roccat was just too few players for the title.

Sick City was described as a tactical real-time fighting game with comic graphics. The goal was to combine the excitement of ” tactics classics like Commandos ” with action-packed and strategic multi-player battlements in the style of a company of heroes.

Server until end of October and money back

The game was already playable in an early access version when buying a so-called supporter pack. Buyers should now get their money back and be informed by e-mail in the coming days about the further procedure. The servers of Sick City are to be operated until the end of October before they are finally switched off.

Roccat Games Studio continues

The attitude of the first-time Sickcity does not mean that Roccat abandons the game ambitions. The Roccat Games Studio will continue to exist. The now released resources are invested in ” other projects “.



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