Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005): Disney From reactivated Online Server to GameSpy

Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005): Disney reaktiviert Online-Server nach GameSpy-Aus

Disney has expanded without prior notice to the Online functionality of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 from the year 2005 to restore and even. As of now, the battles are not just at all, but at the same time, with up to 64 players, and thanks to Cross can be played-Play between GOG and Steam Version together.

The short-term massive increase of the game server you are provoked to numbers, however, currently problems. Users complain that the Patch is at least currently compatible with Mods.

Necessary, the reactivation was after the Shooter had already lost in 2014 with the end of GameSpy any and all Online functionality. As with many Games from this Era, a GameSpy master server, or the infrastructure of the provider for the technical framework of the multi-player mode was also a behind-the-Scenes of the second Battlefront is responsible. The official solution now makes it possible without Workarounds that emulate mostly a LAN connection over the Internet to play again on servers.

Original against the Reboot

Out of the blue the product care. The Update was just before the Beta-Test of the second part of the Battlefront-released reboot on the upcoming weekend and the storm in the midst of a discount on GOG, where the Shooter for 3.40 euros can be purchased.

This Marketing strategy is not articulated but only the views of the eponymous continuation of the series, it provoked also, comparisons between the Reboot and the Original, which many players believe is the better product. Appropriate voices to accompany the series since its restart, and now find new food. Steam reviews of the classic at present, mainly this attitude and call Battlefront 2, which is now called “Classic”, as the “real” or “last” Battlefront-game.

Still entertaining

In fact, the classic can still play well. In low-resolution menus, there is nothing else to change, Widescreen resolutions can be selected. After that, the game with Gameplay lures instead of crates and free-switching-systems – Battlefront 2 Classic is still fun. Too complex of the Shooter is not – especially in comparison with the contemporary Battlefield 2, it is merely less flat than Reboot.



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