Forza Motorsport 7 in Test: Pole position for Turn 10

Forza Motorsport 7 in Test: Pole position for Turn 10

Forza Motorsport is not a die-hard driving simulator in the seventh part. The pole position in the genre ensures the racing game through other advantages: presentation, technology, variety and driving fun create a hypnotic mixture, which leads to races around races. Only microtransactions will interfere.

More than just simulation

Forza had always been a good racing game, despite minor quality fluctuations in the core, and Horizon 3 had a technical challenge a year ago. With the rediscovery of the genre by the market in recent years, however, the Xbox pulling horse came under considerable pressure. Developer Turn 10 has therefore not relied on laurels and brought important aspects of the game to Vordermann.

Progress and campaign, but also scope and the new dynamic weather system, which opens the heavenly locks in the middle of the race, show that number 7 wants to be more than just careful model maintenance. This also shows a decisive trend in the series: Forza is not only focusing on driving simulations, but also attaches great importance to drumhearing.

System requirements

The new Forza is nice to watch and still modest hardware requirements. The moderate official requirements can confirm ComputerBase with its own test series in a separate benchmark test for Forza Motorsport 7. The racing game is currently harmonizing particularly well with AMD hardware. Both eight-core CPUs and the new RX-Vega graphics cards can shine when rendering.

Old problems with the UWP environment seem to have got Microsoft and Turn 10 under control. The refresh rate remains impeccably high, the port runs smoothly and with clean frametimes. General restrictions remain. Users can comfort themselves with the steering wheel support: On the PC are supported a large number of alternative input devices to the Xbox.

Freedom and structure

Surprisingly large changes are the cornerstones of the single player mode. Here the almost completely free access to race series deviates from a more structured approach, which finds a middle way of liberties and perceptible progress. The “goal” of the game is now to gradually win various racing series of increasing demands, in which, in turn, points for an ascent have to be earned through different championships and special events.

In doing so, the claim increases rather than the speed during driving; hard-hitting racing pilots are allowed to squeeze directly into biting Formula One cars of the 1960s when they choose the initial free-car right. With the varied weekly challenges, which are challenging and challenging, there will be more variety. It never gets boring.

Microtransactions on the horizon

Winning races also add to the overall driver level. Ascending in this category, you can now buy credits, a vehicle, or purely cosmetic clothes that are visible only in the loading screen for the avatar. This finally more targeted progression and the frequency of the rewards – two ascents per hour appear realistic – contribute a lot to the permanent motivation. The roulette system from Forza Motorsport 6 (Test) has been relentlessly moved to another area of ​​the game: Part 7 uses the industry-wide established crate model to give players random rewards.

Depending on the quality of the box, this can be the playfully useless driver’s clothing, vehicles or bonus cards, which pay for a race higher rewards. For hard Euros, however, you can not buy crates or cars at the start. A guarantee for eternity should not be derived from this for two reasons. Firstly, such systems were later integrated by patch in the last branches of the series; secondly, the term “crates” can be used synonymously with “microtransactions”.

Less money in your pocket

It is difficult to assess whether or not the incentive to purchase a curative box becomes penetrating. However, the turn 10 can be held back with rewards a little more sparingly. For expensive, so desirable vehicles must still be driven for a long time and now even if VIP status has been bought. The now senseless DLC only offers bonus cards, with which the income can be doubled 25 times, as well as five exclusive, but not overly interesting vehicles. That this restriction was not clearly communicated in the run-up leaves a bitter aftertaste.

Recovering players are also fed off only with a handful of special cards, a basic equipment for the vehicle park or take-off money passes the studio. Loyal fans should be better considered, because even if there is no real wood class, one or other vehicle has already driven once or want to go straight into “the full”.

In addition, switching off driving aids no longer leads to larger racing rewards; only the AI ​​comptenz remains as an adjusting screw. On the one hand, the aspect of driving fun is emphasized and the difference between the game variants, ie professionals and amateurs is equalized, but on the other hand, the income is generally reduced. This is also annoying, because the shutting down of all driving aids makes the vehicle control noticeable.

Unfeine box mechanics

It remains a problem that these mechanics tend to play a major role in the strategy, if it is to go to the imitated, that is, rare cars. This problem is weakened by other sources of income. These, like the Forza Rewards program, must be actively pursued and do not fall out equally for all players alike. Which increases the difficulty level and brings more money, are only the Mod cards from boxes that cost credits.

In the end, players should pay to earn more or adjust the game. It is not easy to foresee whether or not the extracts from boxes exceed the value of a crate. This is an absolutely ineffectual mechanics, which has nothing to look for in a full price game, namely, because it hides the usual options behind grind or money.

Collect cars as a game in the game

In fact, the collection of four-wheeled toys is growing at a decent pace when the auto-offer is chosen at each level upgrade. More subcategories flush showcase events in the Fuhrpark. It only becomes thin if this pre-selection does not correspond to your taste; oriented freischalten takes more time, because desirable, rare cars are highly priced.

From the start at the dealership can be bought automobile dreams but not even with enough money. The expansion of the car fleet is now also part of the progression: five rarity classes are accessible depending on the size of the car collection. Although the offer could be bought almost completely after only a few hours, it motivates to drive once again old racing series with new Untersatz and go once again on discovery journey.

This gentle release of options is, however, only a single wheel of a whole motivation machine that makes driving and vehicles palatable. Engaged with the fascination of driving itself will be the fascination of the vehicle. Tourists from motor sport personalities and motorcycle enthusiasts will be delighted with events and racing series, the virtual Forzavista Tour invites you to explore the detailed reconstructed cars. This is a not to be underestimated strength of Forza, the competitors (yet) completely.



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