Comment: The Forza 7 pole is a criminal offense

Comment: The Forza 7 pole is a criminal offense

Forza Motorsport 7 (Test) is undeniably an outstanding game. What could be a good thing about the year? Before the purchase must be warned – enough is enough.

“This is the last sentence in my Conclusion.” This is the last sentence in my Conclusion. “On its own, Forza 7 is the racing game of the year, which is in principle is to be recommended to every driving enthusiast, but is not (unrestricted) the test of Forza 7. The decision to buy comes at the end of each player for themselves. For me, personally, personally is firm: Forza 7, as good as it is, I can not support a quiet conscience.

If you are looking for something that is not in the game, then it is a good idea. The reason for this is that it is the only way to make the difference between a randomized and a non-compliant model.

Through these and other measures. In turn, the game contains more and more expensive cars than ever before. Without investing extra money or time, the entertainment value drops because the number of incentives is huge, but access is limited. The only temporary VIP bonus is known as symptomatic. Instead of a permanent bonus, the DLC contains only five bonus cards, so “Consumables”. In the new Forza, for instance, there is much to be done, and too much on crates to compensate for this loss of income.

“Pay to earn”, “the price box” is not sold for Euros. This is not the case, but it is the case. Microsoft is only waiting for the first indignation about the “innovations” has subsided and customers have been arranged with the system itself. This tactic has already been proven in the past.

Triple-A wird „Free to Pay“

So Microsoft is taking a game that costs not only 60 but at least 70 Euros and is working on the gameplay to make microtransactions more attractive – those that do not add new or add value to the game, but only include features from previous series. What’s happening here is as dramatic as it is critical: publishers are beginning to exploit expensive gameplay in favor of further revenue from gameplay. In Forza 7, the initial purchase sum is no longer the purchase price, but only a purchase price, which makes a kind of starter package accessible and allows for further transactions.

The gloomy prophecy becomes true

This system, which was only a horror show a few years ago, will become a reality in 2017. Not even the gameplay is sacred this year. You do not even have to be cynical to claim that the new free-to-play games now cost at least 60 euros. This Rubicon can not be successfully exceeded. Forza 7 should not be bought better in order not to be confronted with more and even worse systems of this type in the coming year: If publishers are using this method, they will always drive uninhibited exploitation on the gameplay in order to stimulate additional purchases. Losing the loss of a nice game is wiser than the loss of all the nice games to notice.



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