Forza Motorsport 7: Turn 10 reacts to criticism of the VIP-DLC

Forza Motorsport 7: Turn 10 reagiert auf Kritik am VIP-DLC

In Forza Motorsport 7 (Test), the VIP-DLC does not provide a permanent bonus on income. Since the release of the game, this restriction has met with loud misunderstanding, which is now successful: Turn 10 will restore the usual scope of the DLC.

Usually the VIP-DLC doubles the credit income in Forza racing games. In the seventh part of the series, however, Turn 10 replaced these mechanics with five booster cards each with five bets, which double the income to Adam Riese in 25 races. That this worsening of the offer was initially not clearly communicated in the description of the enlargement has additionally aroused the anger.

Age bonus returns soon

To this sentiment, Turn 10 responded in two ways. Firstly, the identification of the content of the VIP-DLC was immediately adapted, followed by an official statement. The studio is referring to the annoyance of the buyers who have often bought the package as part of the expensive Deluxe or Ultimate editions of the racing game, and promised to ensure that an appropriate value was provided.

As an immediate measure, one million credits and four other vehicles were already sent to owners in a Forza edition via the ingame message system. With this boost for the fleet, the developers run out, VIPs could access the rarest vehicle class in the game faster.

In addition, the previous VIP bonus is restored. In the future, the revenue for the race will be doubled with the DLC. However, this change will not be immediate, but “as soon as possible”, the studio is currently working on the implementation. Until then, a first patch was used to address stability problems of the PC version.

Reaction in the best tradition

Turn 10 is not the first turn. The studio now has experience with quick reactions to displeasure that generate changes in the income structure. Already Forza 5 drastically screwed down player rewards, which led to comparable patches.



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