Huawei: Mobile Cloud with free 5 GB on servers in the EU

Huawei: Mobile Cloud mit kostenlosen 5 GB auf Servern in der EU

Huawei will provide buyers of selected mobile phone smartphones with the Mobile Cloud in the future the opportunity to automatically store all recorded photos, videos and documents in the cloud or store backups of all data and settings there. 5 GB of storage is free. The servers are in the EU.

Offer reminiscent of Apple iCloud

The offer is reminiscent of Apple’s iCloud, in which each Apple user also receives 5 GB of free space to store data from his mobile devices or to store backups. On request, the data between terminals can also be synchronized. Photos from a smartphone are then also available on the other. This also affects contacts, calendars, WLAN access data, and notes.

When switching from one to the other smartphone with Huawei mobile cloud support, the data can be easily transferred over the Internet. As with Apple, it will also be possible at Huawei to access the cloud via the domain in the browser in order to be able to view images even off the compatible smartphones.

The servers are in the EU

“All files and photos are stored on EU servers, and we work with local legal, security and data protection teams to help consumers know their data in good hands,” said Walter Ji, President of the European end-user business, an essential feature the cloud of Huawei. Apple’s iCloud is stored in the US. Data centers in Ireland and Denmark have so far only been planned.

First updates for P10, P10 Plus, P10 Lite and Nova 2

Huawei integrates the cloud firmly into the operating system, not by App. However, smartphones must be explicitly supported. Already today, Huawei wants to start with the delivery of the updates for the Smartphones P10 and P10 Plus (test), the distribution however “gradually”. The P10 Lite is to receive an update from 28 September, the Nova 2 (test) from September 30th.

The Huawei Mobile Cloud will initially be available in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Finland and Poland, but other markets are expected to follow. However, Huawei does not comment on other smartphones.



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