Linux: Librem-5 campaign, exceeding the Million dollars

Linux: Librem-5-Kampagne ├╝berschreitet die Million US-Dollar

The swarm of financing of the first free and open Smartphones Librem 5 has been exceeded, contrary to the expectations of many commentators a Million dollars. The campaign must reach 1.5 million US dollars to the company Purism receives the money for the construction of the smartphone. These 18 days are left.

The swarm of financing had gained in the last weeks momentum, and every day more than 30,000 US dollars in Commitments. Thus, it has now exceeded the limit to a Million dollars. To Achieve the financing objective for each of around 27,700 US must be prohibited in the remaining 18 days of the Dollar. Purism has already experience from two funding campaigns from the year 2015, in which the laptops and the funding target were able to meet the Librem 13 and 15, respectively, more two-fold.

Additional Partnerships

The manufacturer company Purism from San Francisco could assure already the collaboration of KDE and GNOME, the Debian-based house to convert its own operating system PureOS for mobile operation. The protection of privacy together with the project Matrix implemented. Like Todd Weaver, founder and CEO of Purism, said in a recent Interview, will be announced in the next two months as additional partnerships and support, should install this material.

Functional Developer Board

Todd Weaver also gave an Update on the technical Basis of the Librem 5, the CPU. Now Debian Sid on a I. mx6 developer Board. However, since the I. mx6 SoC is already in the market since 2011, will be delivered the Librem 5 at the beginning of 2019, with the more recent iMX8 with Cortex-A53, additional A72 cores and Vivante GC7000 graphics. The development work is now to achieve compatibility with the iMX6 SoC. In addition, the GC7000 graphics chip is not supported currently by the free Etnaviv driver.

Good Chance of success

Although the swarm of financing, which leads to Purism on the own website, not delivery initially due to some confusion, it looks currently, then, as the manufacturer could complete the third project of this kind in 18 days.



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