The Nokia 3310 once again emerges… but in 3G

At the beginning of the year, Nokia has released a new edition of the legendary 3310. A model that has been the star of the MWC in Barcelona, in spite of a quality more than doubtful. Nokia wants to continue to ride the wave with a new model compatible with 3G.

The 3G comes in the 3310

Indeed, HMD has just announced the 3310 3G. It takes exactly the same technical characteristics as the first model except for, you guessed it, compatibility with 3G networks. As stated by Nokia :

With 3G connectivity, you can stay connected to everything that matters to you, news, your blog preferred, even Facebook and Twitter.

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A 3G beneficial, that should persuade a lot of users. The addition of the accounting 3G was a strong demand. In fact, even if the phone wants to reconnect with the legacy of the model of yesteryear, it is very difficult not to be connected to 3G by 2017, the user having the impression of being totally cut off from the world.

Note that the 3310 3G will come in 4 colors (red, yellow, blue, and black) in the course of the month of November to 70 euros.



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