Android Oreo arrivera bien sur le Samsung Galaxy S7

The Galaxy S8 and Note 8 of Samsung will on Android Oreo. An update logic for the flagship smartphone of the year 2017. But what is it the flagship smartphone of the year 2016 ? Samsung today gives an answer.

The S7 towards Oreo

The interface Samsung Experience has replaced the traditional Touchwizz since the Galaxy S8. A new interface that makes beautiful Bixby that the owners of the S7 would like to see land on their model.

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On the forums of the brand, some have asked Samsung if Samsung Experience was going to land on their S7. Samsung then said that the new UI will arrive well on the smartphone, and with Android Oreo. The date of the update is scheduled for 2018.

Traditionally, smartphones a generation of late Samsung have always the right to updates to the latest Android version in the beginning of the year. The S7 will therefore not be an exception.



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