This Belkin adapter allows iPhone owners to do what any Android smartphone does in normal times

Since the iPhone 7, Apple no longer plug Jack into its smartphones. Belkin wants to remedy this choice which handicaps some users with a new adapter: the Rockstar.

This is a revolution

This second version of the Rockstar brings indeed a novelty welcome: a port 3.5 mm. The second lightning port is always present. Thus, it is possible to listen to music while recharging its iPhone 7 or 8. Remember that the first model of Rockstar had two ports lightning. Then use another adapter on this adapter to connect a 3.5 jack. Today, life is simpler … finally, less complicated.

Plus: the adapter is compatible with the fast charge of the iPhone 8 and X, so you can listen to music and recharge FAST your smartphone which costs a SMIC. The Rockstar is available on the Apple site for 35 euros.



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