ToolsGroup announces a new release of its supply chain planning suite

ToolsGroup annuncia una nuova release della sua suite per la pianificazione della supply chain

ToolsGroup announces a major new release of its Powerful Simple software for SCP (SOAP), SO99 + 8.0, powered by a new technology integration with Microsoft. With this release, ToolsGroup migrates its software to Microsoft Azure and its machine learning engine (MLE) on Microsoft AI, an Open Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform and cognitive computing.

Version 8.0 makes advanced analysis technologies more accessible, as well as large organizations that want to boost existing systems and medium-sized companies in search of a competitive edge. It is an important step that allows the adoption of machine learning to a wide range of business realities.

ToolsGroup presented the release 8.0 in preview at Stockholm, at the Supply Chain Conference 2017 organized by the Optilon partner. Watch this video to follow Joseph Shamir, CEO ToolsGroup.

The SO99 + 8.0 suite will be available from October 16, 2017.

The advantage of the first move

Seven years ago, ToolsGroup was the first SCP vendor to integrate a machine learning engine into a supply chain planning product, as reported by Gartner Research on the Danone case (Efficient Management of Business Promotions with the ToolsGroup software).

In the following years, companies such as Lennox, Aston Martin and Amplifon have adopted MachineGroup’s machine learning technology. Now new applications are added, even more efficient and reliable. Machine-based ToolsGroup solutions now include:

  • Forecast of promotions and average effect
  • Sales forecast for new products
  • Extreme or complex seasonality
  • Demand sensing e social sensing

The ToolsGroup, MLE machine learning application goes beyond Microsoft AI to translate business phenomena into artificial intelligence models. Integrates statistical modeling with its advanced analysis models to solve supply chain optimization and planning problems. This reduces uncertainty in demand and supply, separating the signal from noise, automating time-consuming tasks.

Supply Chain Planning e AI nel Cloud

ToolsGroup SO99 + 8.0 has a new SaaS architecture, and fully exploits the capabilities of Microsoft Azure. The ToolsGroup database is now cloud native and streamlined in Azure to provide benefits such as improved scalability, performance, and mobility.

Azure supports ToolsGroup solutions that require large amounts of data processing, such as real-time sales data acquisition directly at the point of sale. Azure’s ability to rapidly scale and manage large volumes of data and to take into account non-traditional inputs, such as social media data or weather forecasts, makes it the perfect tool to handle complex supply chains.

Microsoft Supplier for the Supply Chain

With SO99 + 8.0, ToolsGroup becomes a provider of Microsoft’s advanced supply chain optimization services and benchmarking partners in the industry.

Roberto Filipelli, Cloud & Enterprise Partner Development Director, Microsoft Apps, defines partnership as “the perfect combination between a company that provides ToolsGroup platform and killer solution for supply chain planning that can support multiple industry sectors. ”

Akshey Gupta, Microsoft AI Director, adds, “The supply chain becomes more complex and ToolsGroup provides one of the best analytical solutions for the supply chain. The advanced analytical skills of ToolsGroup, combined with the Microsoft Detection and Learning platform, create a collaborative solution that can adapt to the changing supply chain context. ”

Other improvements

Other SOAP + 8.0 ToolsGroup enhancements include:

  • Improved data model for what-if analysis as part of the S & OP process
  • New budget features and S & OP to support the marketing of a rapidly evolving catalog of products, such as e-commerce or fashion
  • Advanced features for reverse logistics, rendering and repairs management
  • Improved demand forecasting features for low-end items (“long tail”) with highly fragmented demand
  • Improve supply chain control capabilities

This new release also coincides with the ISO27001 certification obtained by ToolsGroup for security of information, which attests to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.

Release process in progress

Joe Shamir, CEO of ToolsGroup, said: “This is our most important software release for years, and is an important step in making availability chained to artificial intelligence by more users. It is also an important step in the transition of ToolsGroup to a fully-based SaaS business. We are encouraging customers to switch to a cloud-based SaaS model.

All ToolsGroup customers, including users of current machine learning applications, have the option of switching to SO99 + 8.0 with the usual upgrade process.



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