Bofrost experiences artificial intelligence for innovative spending

Bofrost sperimenta l’intelligenza artificiale per la spesa innovativa

Artificial intelligence was born to handle the purchase of Bofrost products. It searches product, answers questions about ingredients, records orders, and provides information on shipping and delivery. All with the smartphone, because the dialogue between the client and the chatbot is through Telegram, the popular instant messaging app.

A chatbot that has little more than a year but has already made giant steps: designed during a hackathon called by Bofrost in the summer of 2016, in the following months it has come to life when its younger creators supported by Bofrost and Talent Garden Pordenone – they founded a startup, A Cute Robot, to turn their innovative idea into reality.

“Bofrost is always looking for innovative channels to reach customers,” comments Gianluca Tesolin, CEO of Bofrost-. By funding a young start-up, we bring fresh ideas to the company and a new way of thinking. An important opportunity to develop services to our Business Food customers (ie where employees, for meals, make use of Bofrost products and services) and then for private customers living in metropolitan areas. For the first test phase, we addressed two Friulian partners: A2Bgroup, Udine, and Talent Garden Pordenone: two innovation-oriented and digital transformation companies, who will test this new way for smart spending. ”

Giovanni Abelli, founder and CEO of A2Bgroup, states: “This project is in our ropes of management consulting firms that supports start-ups. Innovation of digital business models is a key issue for us. In order to propose innovation, it is also necessary for the client to make the texts directly in everyday life. ” Marinella from Colletta is the manager who runs the Talent Garden Pordenone buying group and recalls the importance of the path developed together: “TAG is the natural partner for this design project. We have designed with Bofrost the hackathon that has given way to this reality and we are therefore the best actor to participate in the test phase. From us there are so many digital talents who will be able to give the right feedback and insights to improve. It’s a network that works. ”

To explain how a chatbot can facilitate purchases are his three “dad”, the founders of A Cute Robot Niccolò Zamborlini, Carlo Nicolò Drigo and Maksim Sinik. “This is a new sales channel that fits in with the others adopted by Bofrost-the three startupers. Its job is to facilitate access to Bofrost products and services by new users and to simplify purchasing experience by bringing it into a common use tool such as the smartphone, through an increasingly popular communication mode, instant messaging ».

Chatbot (from chat + robots) is a virtual interlocutor that helps to make shared purchases by aggregating orders from a group of people (called “swap client”). The strong point of this artificial intelligence is that it is well integrated with business knowledge: it knows the products and is able to chat with colleagues (in the case of a company) that are part of the buying group answering questions, by doing specific research (eg on products suitable for people with food intolerance) and giving directions on any promotions. “With a natural language, as if you are talking to a person, you can tell the chatbot to add the products to the cart and check when the shipment is scheduled – the three A Cute Robot-founders continue. Logistics is simplified by minimizing the number of deliveries. Group members can autonomously manage their order, which will be aggregated to the expense of colleagues by creating a single order for a company and receiving, therefore, the meals to be consumed.

The experimentation phase will be crucial to “teach” the chatbot to interact with humans. You do not need to give commands with a rigid syntax, but the software learns natural language to give you more and more relevant answers, understand the needs of your customers, and help you get the expense. To test first the chatbot are two Friulian companies: A2Bgroup, Udine deployed on multiple locations with 15 direct collaborators, and Talent Garden Pordenone, a startup incubator where 24 people currently work.



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