Lexmark presenta Smart Document Capture for Government

Lexmark presenta Smart Document Capture for Government

Lexmark International has announced the availability of Lexmark Smart Document Capture for Government, a solution that leverages the platform of advanced Lexmark (MFP) multifunction devices to simplify and optimize paper document processing, often inefficient and at risk of error, with the goal to reach higher levels of efficiency, security and user satisfaction.

Lexmark has a great deal of experience with federal agencies and all 50 US state administrations, and this includes the great pressure to provide citizens with higher levels of service, making the processes of the institutions more secure and compliant,” he said. Marty DeGraff, Industry Director, Lexmark.

“We have designed Lexmark Smart Document Capture for Government to help customers manage and overcome these challenges. The solution is an excellent starting point for converting paper documents in digital format. The result is a quick and easy experience that fits citizens’ preferences, adds efficiency and helps protect information, “added DeGraff.

Lexmark’s Smart Document Capture for Government is based on a fast and easy acquisition technology that allows all users, including remote offices, to convert paper documents digitally. Its advanced technology simplifies on-demand printing, acquisition of information from Lexmark MFPs, and detection of missing documents, ensuring compliance and precision in processing. Seamless integration makes it easier to combine capture processes with existing government and back-end systems.

Used with a Lexmark multifunction device, Lexmark Smart Document Capture for Government can streamline, digitize and simplify information management across all institutions:

–          Simple elaboration of citizen’s requests: Quick capture and review of service documents for citizens to make quicker and more precise decisions and streamline the approval process.
–          Expanding Contact Points for Citizens Involvement: Enables users to begin acquisition processes at MFP processing points, providing complete visibility and monitoring the data needed to process.
–          Fastest citizen registration: More visibility to know exactly which modules have been completed or are still pending for faster and more accurate insertion.

“Our government customers are focused on providing services to people who are expecting a trouble-free, multichannel and fast solution,” said Allen Waugerman, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Lexmark. “Lexmark’s Smart Document Capture for Government is just the latest in a portfolio of public administration solutions designed to automate paper document processing so that organizations can provide their citizens with faster, more accurate and secure services . “



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