PremiumSIM: As of now regulated EU tariff pre-set> mobile radio

PremiumSIMPremiumSIM with EU tariff – According to winSIM and smartmobil PremiumSIM also changes roaming procedures. Instead of the previously available international package, the provider now relies on the preset regulated EU roaming as stipulated by the European Commission.

PremiumSIM with EU tariff

The PremiumSIM tariffs are no longer available in the Onlineshop with a pre-set international package, but are also available with regulated EU roaming. As Drillisch informed, the regulated tariff is now preset and included for all new customers.

Alternatively, the Europa package is available, which can be booked free of charge by new customers as part of the order. If inventory customers decide later for the package, 4.99 euros will be charged per month. Included are a language and SMS flat within the Reiseland as well as to Germany and a mobile data sheet with 1 GB volume, also for the use in Reiseland.


EU tariff without Switzerland

The Europa package is valid in 43 other countries, including Switzerland. The Alpenland is not included in the regulated EU tariff, however, and does not benefit from the abolition of the roaming charges. In addition, PremiumSIM points out that “the volume of data available to the nation is not consumed on holiday, thanks to the ontop volume.”

Nebe PremiumSIM has already converted other Drillisch brands to the regulated EU tariff, including winSIM, simply and smartmobil. The brands had partly introduced the Europe package in June.




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