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iPhone 8 und iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8 Plus battery problems – The new Apple models, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, are only recently commercially available. According to reports, there seems to be but already serious problems. Users are reporting a “Swelling” of the housing.

iPhone 8 (Plus) with battery problem?

At least some of the iPhone 8 Plus models sold in Asia, there seems to be battery problems. Users are reporting a “Swelling” of the housing, which is literally “bursting at the seams”.

According to the website Apple daily.com.tw from Taiwan and Winfuture.de reports should have a iPhone 8 Plus-customer a short time after the charger was connected, the housing is deformed. According to the statement of the client an Original Apple USB power adapter was used that included.

The Display and front cover torn

Suspected a defective Battery, because it seems that it was torn during the loading process, the complete Display and front glass unit is actually out of the holders. Therefore, the battery must have been heavy, although Apple has provided the housing with an aluminum frame.

Was bought the iPhone 8 Plus via the network provider Chungwha Telecom. The network operator has taken, according to the report, the iPhone 8 Plus back, and the Problem of the Apple informed. The alleged battery problem is also known in Japan. A buyer has to get, therefore, be iPhone 8 with a precharged battery and inflated the housing. The buyer reported the incident via Twitter and the Tweet that the Smartphone will be coming to Open the packaging with a deformed Display surface. Meanwhile, the damaged iPhoen 8 Plus has been exchanged successfully. Apple refers to a part of the battery of ATL. This company had also supplied the batteries for the fire-dangerous Samsung Galaxy S7, that the manufacturer later took out of the trade.


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