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Pÿur internet and fixed tariffs – With Pÿur, Tele Columbus is launching a new range of services related to fixed network, Internet and mobile phone tariffs. The offers are fancied by crooked prices and can be individually adapted to your personal needs.

Pÿur: New portfolio of Tele Columbus

Under the brand name Pÿur, Tele Columbus and Primacom have joined together and are now offering a new portfolio in the Pÿur-Onlineshop. This includes both internet and fixed-network tariffs as well as mobile phone offers. Pÿur is pronounced “Pjur” and stands for simplicity, achievement and humanity.

Internet and fixed line services are distributed under the names PureSpeed ​​200 and PureSpeed ​​400 and cost 30 Euro and 40 Euro per month. The price includes an Internet file with up to 200 Mbit / s or 400 Mbit / s in the download as well as 8 Mbit / s and 12 Mbit / s in the upload. In addition, the tariffs have an included WLAN cable box and participate in community WLAN. The term is comparatively short at 3 months, after expiry of this period the termination is possible at any time with a notice period of 4 weeks at the end of the month of the contract.

Pure Speed ​​200 and 400

A fixed network connection is not included in the basic package. This costs 1 euro per month extra. The language pack in the German fixed network (incl. Telephone connection) is available for 5 euros per month. The security package with anti-virus, anti-spy and similar costs 4 euros per month. Interested parties, who want to use an FRITZ! Box 6490 instead of the included WLAN cable box, pay 5 Euro per month on top.

The two Internettarife can be booked in the dissemination area independently of a TV connection. If you want to combine both, pay for the TV cable connection monthly 10 euros (unless the connection is already included in the rental costs). The price includes up to 130 digital and currently 35 analogue TV channels. If that is not enough, you can book further packages with improved content. There are different packages with different HD and Pay TV channels as well as a maxdome flat and an access to Sky’s offer.

Pÿur tariffs from the kit

The core of the new Pÿur offer is individual tariffs, which are compiled in a modular concept. In the Onlineshop you can choose from various Internet, TV and fixed network components and adjust their tariff to their needs.

Surf & Phone packages including TV

If you want to do without the compilation, you can choose from different finished packages. For this purpose, Pÿur offers Surf & Phone 60 + TV and Surf & Phone 120 + TV, which cost 20 Euro per month in the first year. In the second year 35 Euro and 45 Euro per month are due.

In addition to an Internet rate of 60 Mbit / s or 120 Mbps, a telephone connection including a fixed line as well as TV packages pureTV HD or advanceTV HD (optional) are included. Also included is a WLAN cable box and access to the community WLAN. Further options, such as the security package, the maxdome Flat or Sky, can be added as an option. The maximum upload rates are 3 Mbit / s and 6 Mbit / s.


In contrast to the construction costs, the Surf & Phone offers a minimum contract term of 24 months and extend automatically one more year, if not timely four weeks before termination is terminated. In addition, they can only be used with a cable connection contract. If you do not pay the additional rental costs, you will be charged an additional 10 euros per month.

At www.pyur.com the offers are available immediately. They are available in the distribution area of Tele Columbus and Primacom.


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