From Tele Columbus becomes PÜR – This changes for existing customers

From Tele Columbus becomes PUR – With the brand PÜR, Tele Columbus, Primacom, HL komm and pepcom seal their co-operation and will enter into a common name in the future. Customers are informed in writing of the new orientation and can change to the new offers on request.

From Tele Columbus and Primacom, PUR

Under the PUR brand, Tele Columbus, Primacom, HL komm and pepcom are now offering a uniform product portfolio with various Internet, fixed-line, TV and mobile phone tariffs. While new customers can book the tariffs from now on in the Onlineshop, existing customers are informed in writing about the reorientation. If desired, you can switch to the new tariffs, but keep your existing offers.

This does not change anything for existing customers. As confirmed by Tele Columbus on demand, existing customers can keep their existing tariffs unchanged and will not be forced to switch to the new portfolio. In the course of the automatic renewal, the existing conditions are also passed on, and the tariffs are extended on the basis of the conditions on which they were originally posted.

Existing customers do not have to fear a price increase

However, Tele Columbus recommends that customers check to see whether the current conditions still meet the personal requirements or whether PÜR offers a better offer at the end of the contract term. However, a forced switch to the new products is not foreseen, it is said.

Even a price increase does not have to fear existing customers. The current tariffs will be passed on to the booked conditions. But respect, for example, a 24-month action price, which will remain after the expiry of this deadline. Subsequently, the calculation takes place at the regular package price.

Change to new PUEUR rates possible

On request, existing customers can also switch to the new portfolio of PÜUR before the end of the minimum contract term. This is possible when “they pay at least one cent more. Reduced start-up or time-limited promoter trips are not taken into account in this consideration, “it says.

The remaining term of the current tariff is taken over into the new tariff, if this is more than three months. If this remaining time has elapsed, the tariffs can be terminated monthly using the modular principle. “For the existing customer upgrade, there is a special team of experts in our customer service,” promises Columbus. With a tariff change PUUR provides suitable hardware (WLAN cable box, Smartcard, ect.). If the devices already exist in the household, they are accepted and do not have to be exchanged.

At the new offers are now available.

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