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Vodafone Basisstationen

Vodafone Disorder – As Vodafone communicates, there has been disturbances in mobile data since the morning hours. The restrictions are supraregional and affect all network technologies. Update: Fixed issue.

Trouble solved

Update from 05.10.2017 As Vodafone announces, the disturbance was corrected around noon. There were temporary restrictions between approximately 8:40 am and 11:30 am, of which about 200,000 customers were affected.

The mobile Internet was not available at this time or only at low speed, caused by a software defect in a central node in Ratingen.

The company apologizes to all concerned for the temporary inconvenience. Update end.

Vodafone malfunction in mobile data

Vodafone customers are currently only partially able to access the mobile data of their network operator. As the company in-house customer forum communicates, there are currently restrictions on the mobile data connections. Both the 2G and 3G area as well as the LTE network are affected.

“Hi, unfortunately, there are currently overregional restrictions on the use of mobile data in the 2G / 3G & 4G network. No new data connections can be established “, explains a moderator in the customer forum and points out that the technicians of the company are already working on the problem. The restrictions should be resolved as soon as possible.

Fault messages are already ebbing

The disturbance reports of affected customers rose strongly on the portal allstörungen.de between 8 o’clock and 9 o’clock, ebben however already already off again. Around 2,300 reports were received at the peak.


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