Telekom and iPhone: With correct smartphone option save over 60 euros

Telekom and iPhone – This year again, the Telekom MagentaMobil tariffs including iPhone with the right smartphone option can save over 60 euros. A special feature in the offer and some computing practice make it possible.

Telecom and iPhone 8 (Plus)

In the onlineshop of the Telekom is called since the release of the new i Phone models 8 and 8 Plus prominently for the smartphones including MagentaMobil tariff . However, prospective buyers should not be tempted to buy from the advertising banner placed on the homepage. When booking over this costs the bundle of tariff and smartphone over 60 euros more than with manual selection.

If you want to save the extra charge, you should do without the click and choose your desired tariff together with the smartphone itself. If a smartphone is added, interested parties must opt ​​for a mobile phone option. The mobile phone option “with top smartphone” is included via the banner ad , is selected manually, the category “with smartphone” can be  booked.

iPhone 8 with MagentaMobile tariff

The two mobile phone options influence the one-time purchase price of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and also affect the monthly package price. So with tariffs “with smartphone” 10 euros per month, including the mobile phone option “with top smartphone” 20 euros per month to the Simonly price. “With top smartphone”, the one-time payment for the desired iPhone model is lower than “with smartphone”.

Despite the higher one-time purchase price, prospective customers save around € 65 when choosing the mobile phone option “with smartphone” instead of “with top smartphone”. The monthly package price is lower, the one-off payment increases – the minimum contract term of 24 months, however, still results in a total savings of around 65 euros.



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