iOS 11.0.2 Update fixes photo app and audio problems

iOS 11.0.2 Update – Apple had already updated an update for its operating system iOS 11 with version iOS 11.0.1 a few days ago. Only bugfixes were mentioned in the changelog. Now a further update to iOS 11.0.2 follows, which among other things is to prevent a problem with the photo app and also the noise problem with the telephone.

iOS 11.0.2 fixes errors

The current update to iOS 11.0.2 has a file size of about 280 megabytes. In contrast to the update on 11.0.1 Apple mentions this time specifically in the change some of the bug fixes.

Some users of the new iPhone 8 Plus had complained that there was cracking noise during a telephone call. Apple goes into the changelog on it and says that few devices are affected by this problem. After the installation of 11.0.2 at least this problem should be fixed.


Other bug fixes by iOS 11.0.2

In the settings of the compatible Apple devices under “General” and “Software update” you can check, if iOS 11.0.2 with the build number 15A421 is already available for download. Apple introduces three major bugs that are fixed. Firstly, the crackling sounds are fixed during a telephone call on the iPhone 8 (Plus), secondly the update is to prevent the faulty display of individual pictures in the photo app and thirdly the problem with attachments with encrypted e-mails is removed.

According to user reports, however, there are other errors. Whether or not iOS 11.0.2 is also changing at the user-reported short recharge time is not yet known. Also, the changelog does not show clearly which security patches were integrated. In the foreseeable future an update to the operating system version 11.1 is to be expected





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