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Apple iPhone 8 Plus Aufbläh Defect

According to first reports, the new Apple iPhone 8 Plus has a Defect that leads to the Swelling of the battery and thus to the destruction of the device. Previously the error occurred only in Asia, is now also the first German customer to be affected.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Defective?

Shortly after the launch of new flagship devices first defects and processing, often crop up in error. It is not always the most rumored scattered Details, something, elsewhere, messages to a large Problem out with the first Negative. The latter has taken in the last year, the manufacturer Samsung, after first reports about faulty batteries of Galaxy Note 7 expanding to a global Problem, and led to a recall and, ultimately, to the setting of the model number.

Even Apple is struggling after the introduction of new devices, often with such messages. Shortly after the start of sales of the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, there were a few indications that the larger Smartphone could be the swelling. As a result, the Display will pressed out of the anchorage and the device unusable.

First message from Germany

The messages regarding the Aufbläh defect originated far from Asia, and were mostly spread through the social networks, similar problems of Europe were known. How inside-handy.de reported that the Problem occurred now for the first time, for a German user. The Portal is a o2 confirmed to staff that the battery is of a clients have inflated device when the first charging cycle.

In the case of Apple you want to look at the incidents in more detail and the devices in terms of a vulnerability check, reports The Independent. An accurate statement about the reasons not wished to meet with the company at the present time, however. Whether it is a bigger Problem or if the Defects occurred due to other causes, only show a more detailed investigation.



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