Netflix is becoming more expensive – even for existing customers

Netflix is becoming more expensive – Netflix, the streaming provider, is attracting prices in Germany. At the beginning, the price increase only affects new customers, who will have to go into the pocket for a subscription right away. In the near future, however, existing customers will also be transferred to the new tariff structure.

Netflix is getting more expensive

New customers of the Netflix streaming service will have to dig deeper into their pockets. As of now, two of the three available subscriptions cost up to two euros more a month. Only the basic package is still available for 7.99 euros per month. With this, the films and series of the offer can be viewed on a device and are available in SD quality.

Those who wish to use HD content or use more than one device will have to pay a higher price for the two standard and premium packages. The standard package was increased from formerly 9.99 euros to 10.99 euros per month. The premium package, which allows up to four devices simultaneously to access the streams and UHD can use, now costs 13.99 euros instead of formerly 11.99 euros.


Higher fees for new and existing customers

Netflix justifies the price adjustments with a growing number of exclusive series and content and new product features, which sometimes require an increase. Alone for 2018 the streaming service has estimated a budget of 7 billion dollars to produce own content.

The inventory also does not spoil existing customers. While new customers will have to pay the higher fees from now on, existing customers will be informed by email about the price increase. You then have the option to accept the new prices or terminate your subscription. The notifications are to be sent according to the information on 19 October 2017, concerned then have 30 days time to react.




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