Do not call back: fraudsters are pinging with calls to customers

© ExQuisine - Fotolia.comPing calls in circulation– Mobile customers who are called by unknown numbers with a strange area code should ignore the contact attempt and never call back. Currently, fraudsters are increasingly trying to move with so-called ping calls customers to call back on expensive foreign numbers.

Beware of Ping Calls

Mobile service providers such as Vodafone are currently stepping up more intensively against so-called ping calls, which should trigger a callback. Mobile and fixed-line users receive a call, which is unknown for a few seconds, called a ping. The fraudsters hope that this number will be recalled to find out who has made the contact attempt. The Perfide: The number is registered abroad and is billed to partly extortionate fees.

The dubious numbers are usually recognizable by their preselections. Among them are the country code of Tunisia (+216), Burundi (+257) and the Seychelles (+248). In our case, a ping call of the number +257 616759 ** took place at the end of September.

If the numbers are recalled, fees of several euros per minute are charged depending on the tariff. The evil awakening follows usually on the next calculation, which is thereby considerably higher than usual

Do not call unknown numbers

To avoid the rippling attempts, consumers should not call back dubious numbers and report the Federal Network Agency. The supervisory authority receives complaints here and has already published a list on which known abc number numbers are listed. These were either switched off or an accounting ban imposed.

If customers have called such a number, the charges incurred may no longer be billed and invoiced (if necessary within fixed periods of validity). If a calculation still takes place, many providers refund the fees. Vodafone writes about this in his own customer forum:

Vodafone locks the numbers stored (BNA) from the “Ping Calls” section. In the periods stated there are no costs billed.

If, however, costs are incurred by recalls during these periods, these connections are automatically credited.

If you do not find your affected phone number on the pages of the BNA, please contact them directly.

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