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Drillful Roaming Changeover – Over the past few weeks, several Drillisch brands have moved from the pre-set international package to the EU-regulated tariff. The background of the sudden change is obviously a warning from the consumer center North Rhine-Westphalia, which was confirmed by the regional court Frankfurt am Main by interim injunction.

Drill Roaming Changeover

After the introduction of the new EU tariff in June 2017, many providers were able to implement the new regulations without grumbling. These stipulate that German tariffs can be used at no extra cost in EU countries. However, it is also permissible to provide so-called alternative roaming packages, but customers must always be able to switch to the EU tariff at any time.

Several Drillisch brands have been using these roaming packages since June and offered their customers tariffs including pre-packaged packages with foreign conditions. Over the past few weeks, several brands have suddenly switched to the regulated EU tariff. Including winSIM, smartmobil, simply and PremiumSIM. So far, it was unclear what Drillisch had moved to this step. As the Consumer Center North Rhine-Westphalia reports, it is not innocent.

Consumer Center launched against Europe packages

“Among the brands winsim and smartmobil, Drillisch Online AG has distributed mobile phone tariffs, in which a” Europe package “was pre-set. It could not be canceled when the contract was concluded. For customers, this had the disadvantage that they were initially not able to benefit from the EU roaming rules, “explain the consumer protectionists.


In addition to a voice and SMS flat, the Europa package contained a fixed amount of data, which could be used in other EU countries, usually by 1 GB. In many cases, these volumes were significantly lower than the data volume in Germany. The domestic contingents could not be used abroad, however, only the Europa package was available. “After using the volume of data in the Europa package, an Internet connection was only possible if customers added data volumes for additional costs,” it says.

The Consumer Center North Rhine-Westphalia opposed this procedure and was granted an interim injunction before the District Court of Frankfurt am Main (file 2-06 O 263/17):

In the judgment, which has not yet been finalized, the Court of First Instance follows the view of the consumer center in NRW, according to which consumers must be offered the EU-regulated tariff (“Roam like at home”).

Interim measures ensure EU tariff

Drillisch exchanged the Europa package with its winSIM and smartmobil brands against the EU tariff because of these transactions and now offers this as a pre-setting, the consumer protectionists. New and existing customers can still use the Europa package if they wish, but they have to register manually. Users who already use a Drillisch rate can change from the Europa package to the EU tariff in the customer portal.


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