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Blown iPhone 8 image Magokoro0511 via TwitteriPhone 8 Plus Accuproblem – At the beginning of the month first user reports appeared, which reported a “bloating” of the iPhone 8 Plus housing. Supposedly, some of the customers were heavily deformed during recharging. Although only a few cases are known so far, Apple takes the problem very seriously.

iPhone 8 Plus: Housing puffs up

After last month, Samsung announced the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, and Samsung finally had to discontinue sales and production, inflated batteries and deformed cases are a delicate issue for smartphone manufacturers.

First reports on deformed iPhone 8 Plus cases appeared in early October. Supposedly, the complete display and the entire front glass unit should have been torn out of the holders for some users of the smartphone already during the charging process. After the note 7 debacle, Apple reacts very sensitively and announces to investigate the problem and the messages.

Apple with first statement

The Twitter user Magokoro 0511 has released a picture of the iPhone 8 Plus, which shows clearly how strongly the display unit has detached from the housing. So far, very few cases are known which are mainly related to the Asian market. Only a German owner of the iPhone 8 seems to be affected by it.

Nevertheless, Apple takes the problem very seriously, because a note 7 debacle is not to be repeated. It has to be checked, which causes the inflation to occur, because it could be the cause of a transport damage, a fall or incorrect storage. According to the website The Verge, Apple has already briefly mentioned. “We are aware of this, and looking into it.” Sam Jaffe, Managing Director of Cairn Energy Research Advisors, thinks a swelling of a brand new battery is “wrong”, but the capacity limit for lithium batteries is now reached. It is to be hoped that a Note 7 debacle will not be repeated. Cover image: Inflated iPhone 8 image Magokoro0511 on Twitter.



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