Circle Pay landed in Italy, carrying social payments on Android

The Circle Pay social payment service has also arrived in Italy, which allows you to send and receive money to your friends in a simple, fast and especially free way. The service is already active in 29 European countries and allows you to send money anywhere in the world, even in a foreign currency, without any commissions or bonuses being charged against the exchange rate.

The system was born in China and is viewed with great interest especially by the millenials of Western countries as it allows to organize more effectively events and moments of social interaction. It will be easy to create a party for a dinner, a party or any other event and gather the necessary funds in advance and safely and securely.

It will be possible to send a discreet reminder to the late, send requests to groups or individuals for any need. Fundamentals of fundraising technology include crypto asset systems, blockchains, and other technologies that provide the necessary performance to support the structure.

For more information, please visit the Circle Pay Italian site where you can find answers to your questions. You can also download the app from the Play Store using the badge below.

Android app sul Google Play



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