Let’s take a first look at WhatsApp Business (download APK)

Although WhatsApp‘s business accounts are available for more than a month, the test phase is still underway but Android Police colleagues managed to get some information from a reader who managed to enter the test program .

We start by saying that WhatsApp Business is a separate application than the traditional one, making it much easier to manage private communications from work. You can manage the two applications with different cell numbers or assign a fixed line number to the Business version.

In this way, activities will not be forced to give their own private number to customers, instead using the fixed number associated with them. Of course, you can install the two applications on two separate devices, thus avoiding any misunderstanding.

WhatsApp Business is already available on the Reverse Play Store beta, but is currently unavailable as it is a private beta, dedicated to a small number of users. The appearance of the application is basically the same, with the only difference represented by the title.

The differences are noticeable, of course, in the Settings screen. There are some basic statistics about sent and received messages, profile settings and auto responder settings.

The activity profile page lets you enter an image, a name, and a description of your business, membership category, email address, and one or more web sites. You will also be able to set a message to respond automatically outside of certain times.

In addition to the classic text message, emoji can also be used. At the moment the scheduling is spartan, but before the official release it should be improved and made more functional.

Looking at the application on the customer side, the classic cryptographic ad will be visible and a second that remembers that chat with a business user is active. The user can view the company data and chat in the usual way, without any difference.

You can sign up for the beta program by visiting this address and hopefully be accepted for the test phase, pending release of the public version of the Play Store. Alternatively, you can download the APK file from APKMirror, even if it is not guaranteed to work.



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