Samsung’s 49-inch gaming monitor with 32: 9

It is not unusual for gamers to have a setup with three monitors next to each other. As Samsung thought, here is a gap and introduced her new 49-inch monitor with a 32: 9 format. Like two 16: 9 screens next to each other so. And that also in huge. 49 inches are 124 centimeters, incidentally. The resolution is 3.840 x 1080 of course somewhat strange, the curve very round, but there is a response time of one millisecond and 144Hz. HDR understands itself, Quantum Dot QLED is it and even for non-gamers, the screen is naturally enough space for at least 3 full windows.

Immersive, however, he is mainly for games. On the back there are two HDMI connectors, two DisplayPort (one of them Mini) and a USB 3.0 hub with three connectors.

The C49HG90DMU, as he is charmingly called, costs in Germany probably about 1500 euros. But he is not yet available.



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