LunaR: Semi-smart Smartwatch with solar charge

There is a good reason to want to have a Smartwatch that is charged via solar energy. After all, it is highly impractical to have to charge a thing like this, which is almost like clothing. This has annoyed before, as the LED watches only every few months once a new button cell wanted. So a smartwatch, which is loaded on the basis of solar energy, wants to “totally want”. LunaR also looks good. A Smartwatch is, however, different from a clock with several time zones, alarm and activity tracking. As? Does not even have notifications? Yes, but like a smartphone LED. So a flashing light. Well, this can have different colors for different apps and also the fitness apps have LED indicators for progress, but that was it with ”

After all, it is waterproof up to 50 meters and looks very elegant. Did you mention that you do not have to load them? An hour of daylight probably keeps her going. If you are looking for a fitnesstracker with eco-awareness and can ignore the masseuse in the video, this may be quite interesting.

Kickstart currently for 140 dollars.



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