BlackBerry Motion officially unveiled

BlackBerry Motion offiziell vorgestellt

Only a few days after the first Leak images, BlackBerry introduced the “Motion”, the latest smartphone, made under the wings of TCL. The location of the presentation is no coincidence: the phone is expected to be available in October in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, before it will be available in other “selected countries”.

The BlackBerry Motion has a 5.5 “display (1080p) and comes without a hardware keyboard, the first BlackBerry phone is IP67 certified and also has a very generous 4,000 mAh battery The OS is Android 7.1, the update to Android 8 is 2018 available, the fingerprint sensor is integrated into the Homebutton.

There is also news on the software. The “Locker” can be used to store documents and photos, which can only be viewed after entering a pin or after confirmation by the fingerprint. Images can be saved by default rather than stored directly in the cloud. The convenience key of the smartphone can also trigger four different modes: home, car, office and users. However, these modes can also be activated differently. For example, if the phone logs into the home wireless network, receives the Bluetooth connection in the car, or registers calendar entries for meetings.

The price of the new BlackBerry Motion is about 400 euros.

BlackBerry Motion is coming to Dubai in Dubai! Full touch, HUGE battery. Learn more @BBMobile!




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