Future proof digital transformation

Trasformazione digitale a prova di futuro

Italian entrepreneurial fabric is composed mostly of small and medium-sized businesses, and many, unfortunately, despite being interested in digital transformation, are still not prepared to face this process of change. The reasons are different, from lack of budget for investment in new technologies, lack of resources and resources with new skills. However, to be able to maintain a competitive role in an increasingly complex market, you will need to work together to make technology become a useful and effective tool to increase business opportunities.

It is crucial to support the expansion of digital world knowledge and to make it clear to companies that change is not only relevant to the technology sector but involves all aspects of the business, the interaction method with customers and suppliers, the tools used, skills and process and activity management. Innovation is changing the way business is done and it is important for companies to really realize it.

Talentia Software works closely with Chief Financial Officer, HR Managers and HR Managers and based on our experience we are slowly seeing an awareness of the need to adopt new technologies and a new approach to work. Today, practically in all companies, there is a need for access to resources, information and processes via smartphones, in complete mobility. The challenges to be faced are many, ranging from device security and dreadful adjustment to GDPR, but it will be a step to be taken, and not just for legal obligations. Significant support for many realities is also represented by the National Industry Plan 4.0, which includes measures to push Italian companies to seize all the opportunities that emerge from major ongoing changes, promoting investment in the path of modernization and growth.

We are supporting our customers in this delicate passage, highlighting the real benefits that these technologies can bring to the business, such as increased flexibility and collaboration, optimization of management processes, improved service level and consequently user experience for both employees and customers, plus of course a sharp increase in productivity. It will be a complex journey that we are also facing, and we are confident in innovation as a key to continuing to improve our solutions, our work and that of customers who rely on us.



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