Colussi chooses Veeam, more and more well-being for the Data Center

Colussi sceglie Veeam, sempre più benessere per il Data Center

Riccardo Benedetti, Chief of Colussi Group Systems, commented: “We have integrated Veeam Backup & Replication very quickly and we have quickly demonstrated a solution that can easily handle highly complex activities. It’s a disaster recovery technology that also offers backup control functionality, and for virtual environments, I do not currently believe that they have competitors on the market. “

Having long data retention times means putting each activity in stand-by, in an area where traceability is out of the question. The chain of consequences is as long as production: firm establishments, locked transport vehicles, business at risk. “We can count on Disaster Recovery capabilities that give uninterrupted operational continuity guarantees, so we’re investing in Veeam technology.” The order of magnitude of virtual machines resumes in Colussi has been in fact since hours (if not whole days) per minute.

Benedetti also emphasizes the ease with which Veeam Backup & Replication lets you centrally manage, with a single dashboard, all the operations. “Veeam has a front end that allows simple implementation activity. Only one IT person is enough for managing it, not counting the speed with which we managed to be operational after the integration and the few consulting days that became necessary. “

Following the implementation of this solution, Colussi has several advantages including: reduction of back-up times, increased recovery speed, and centralized and simplified management within a complex and articulated infrastructure.




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