Italian olympiad of Informatics, 2017, here are the winners

Olimpiadi Italiane di Informatica 2017, ecco i vincitori

It is just held in Trento, italy, from 14 to 16 September, the seventeenth edition of the Italian Olympiad of Informatics: competition at the national level, which allows you to select the group of “likely the olympic” among whom will be chosen the team that will defend our colors at the International Olympiads of Informatics in 2018.

It was the year of the record, with 103 participants that have emerged from stages of the selection process of the school, and territorial, which involved, in starting, more than 14,500 students in our high schools. The boys competed in the three days of competition-based programming and creativity, organized by the Liceo Scientifico Galileo Galilei of Trento, (who had hosted already on an edition of the race in 2004): 37 students who have obtained a score such as to deserve a medal.

The gold medals were five. The overall classification saw in the first place, the student Andrea Ciprietti, Liceo Scientifico Marie Curie di Giulianova (TE), which has just won a silver at the International Olympiads of Informatics Tehran, and had obtained another in 2016.

After him ranked in the order Paul Battellani, ISS Paolini Cassiano of Imola; Luca Cavalleri, IT Magistri Cumacini, Como, and he also known face because already the winner of a silver medal at the recent Olympic games the International of 2017; Gabriel, the Course of the Liceo Scientifico A. Volta, Milan, and Alessandro Piccaro of the ITI A. Malignani of Udine.

Among the medalists, also a girl – of the three admitted to the final, Daniela Brozzoni, ITIS Castelli of Brescia, who won a bronze.

Among the best winners will be chosen the kids who will be part of the group of “Likely the Olympic” including, after a path made of study and training in the care of a team of Coaches and Mentors dedicated, will emerge in a few months the members of the team that will defend the Italian colors in the Olympics with the International Computer science 2018, which will take place in Japan.

“The talent and tenacity of these guys, who have faced months of exercises and workouts to prepare for a competition is difficult for us a source of great pride. Year after year the Italian Olympiad of informatics provide us with a framework for extraordinary of the young excellences which are an extraordinary patrimony, not only for the Italian school, but especially for the future of our Country. From years of AICA, together with the MIUR promotes the Olympics, to bring out and enhance the talent existing in our Italian schools offer an important stepping stone to experiences and opportunities is increasingly important.” said the President of AICA, Giuseppe Mastronardi.

“The Olympics represent a unique opportunity to bring attention to the extraordinary quality of the boys and girls the most brilliant of our schools, emphasizing the extraordinary capacity and commitment; but they also have the important function of reaffirming the fundamental role of digital education in the school, as an essential tool for the future of our young people and their insertion in the world of work. The Ministry is strongly committed to the promotion and support of a competition in which the educational value is very high; proof of this is the inclusion of the Italian Olympiad of Informatics, in the annual program for the enhancement of excellence for high school students.”, stresses Carmela Palumbo, Head of Department for programming and management of human resources, financial and instrumental companies.



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