iOS 11: why new menus do not work

iOS 11: perché i nuovi menu non funzionano

Among the spells of increased reality and the new potential of Siri, the most anticipated novelty of iOS 11 was another: the menu with quick access to connectivity settings. An Android-operated feature released on iPhone and iPad to let everyone in a couple of moves turn on and off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or data network. All too good to be true. In fact, F-Secure’s researcher, Andrea Barisani, has discovered that the two specific toggles do not turn off the respective antennas, leaving them active and still able to conserve battery life, always needed when he is around and trying various ways to save her. In short, if you think you can earn some percentage of autonomy by deactivating the two icons you will have to recapture.

What happen

What happens when you switch off the hot menus mentioned is an immediate disconnection of the phone (or iPad) from the matching accessories, such as speakers, audio outputs, headphones, car radios, and so on. Apple knew it but still did not say anything about it, coming out of the box just after the researcher’s Twitter post. Apple has confirmed the soft shutdown mode accessible by the iOS 11 Control Center for a clear reason: “Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will continue to work to allow essential activities to be available. Among these AirDrops, AirPlay, Apple Pencil, the use of Apple Watch and location services. ” To completely unplug unused connections, as usual, go to Settings and click on the relevant items. In short, a decade to wait for a quick link that does not even do what it promises. Maybe in iOS 12 …



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