Automated Software by CA Technologies introduces an interactive toolchain map for DevOps and Continuous Delivery

Automic Software di CA Technologies introduce una mappa interattiva delle toolchain per DevOps e Continuous Delivery

Automotive Software, a company of CA Technologies, has announced the release of the ‘Continuous Delivery Map’ – a visual and dynamic map of the toolchains available for DevOps and Continuous Delivery (CD).

The Continuous Delivery Map resembles a metropolitan transport map, where tools that are part of the DevOps toolchain are classified and represented as metropolitan line stops and marked with different colors. Each stop corresponding to a tool in the app ecosystem provides brief explanations and links to other documents and the product homepage, while the different “lines” represent the elements of the development and delivery process.

“Sometimes it’s really difficult to navigate the infinity of tools available for the modern software development process,” said Chris Boorman, Automic’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The Continuous Delivery Map illustrates the role played by each of these tools in a CD context, demonstrating how the orchestration, which is at the base of this guide, is crucial to working successfully in modern software delivery.”

Thanks to its unique and great simplicity, the new interactive map offers a standard tool to navigate between the different types of tools needed for modern software delivery practices, with automation products such as CA Automic Release Automation and CA Continuous Delivery Director which are essential ingredients for success.

“Numerous tools have been created for the various phases of the software development cycle, not to mention those designed to deploy applications to customers in a safe and predictable manner,” said Alan Shimel, Editor-in-Chief. “CA Automic’s Continuous Delivery Map is the ideal reference guide for the DevOps environment.”

“The Continuous Delivery Map is a comprehensive consulting resource on the major tools in the DevOps market, including DBMaestro,” commented Yariv Tabac, co-founder and CEO of DBMaestro. “We are looking forward to seeing it widely spread as a standard resource available to the DevOps community.”

Automic’s Automotive Business Automation offers companies the full visibility, agility, speed, and scalability needed to respond to the evolution of today’s technology environments. The state-of-the-art solution manages centrally all clients running workload on multiple applications and supports infrastructure management

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