The back of the iPhone 8 is particularly expensive

Even if the sales of the iPhone 8 so far are probably not very good and you have seen no real snakes in front of the Apple stores to the start of the well-camouflaged iPhone 7S, the buyers, there should really pay attention to one: the back.

Because while the price of an iPhone 8 repair for the glass probably still costs only 29 euros, you should have AppleCare +, the glass on the back itself with AppleCare + is of course not a case of display damage, but falls under other repairs and costs then 99 €.

The prices for a display repair outside the warranty is in the same (expensive) frame as for the iPhone 7 and 6 and is € 181.10 or € 201.10 (plus). If the glass on the back also falls under “other damage”, then the 401.10 or 451.10 € for a repair.

Apparently, the glass on the back is very well glued and therefore a lot harder to remove than the front, but we would at these prices really recommend everyone to buy a new iPhone equal times AppleCare +.




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