ThinkPad 25 is really old school

It seems as if Winfuture had a leak of the upcoming ThinkPad 25 from Lenovo, which shows us in full how the ThinkPad should look 25th birthday. And yes, there are really many bonds in the original design. Retro so. Old school.

The ThinkPad 470 looks quite similar to the ThinkPad 470, but it does not look so big.

Also with the specifications one must not be too surprised. 14-inch IPS display, Core i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD and a NVIDIA GTE 940MX GPU. The USB-C with Thunderbolt, three normal USB, HDMI, SD, Ethernet and both a fingerprint sensor as well as an infrared camera (for the “safe” face detection.

In October it is to be finally presented.



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