Nokia 8 goes again

It seems as if in matters of Nokia 8 not yet everything was said. The hitherto flagship smartphone of the new Nokia generation will soon get a version that promises slightly more premium.

Although probably not the other specifications have changed, but instead of 4 now also give 6GB and instead of 64GB memory full 128GB. Of course this will have its price and it will probably be around 669 €. 90 € more so.

As an all-adjusting feature, the Nokia 8 has the so-called “Bothie”, ie a simultaneous use of front and back camera, which one synonymous eg for streams on FB can use.

The niggle of the Nokia 8 is supposed to appear in October.

PS: the above-illustrated copper-colored Nokia 8 is still not available in Germany as well as those in “polished blue”, the blue version (“tempered blue”) has probably supply bottlenecks and also the “steel” version is not available anymore everywhere. Whether it is to conclude that Nokia does not come with the production, they have simply produced in small numbers or other markets proceed is not quite clear to us.



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