Apple: iPhone-serpent desperately sought


A new iPhone in the Apple Stores, there was always one thing you could say to yourself: queues in front of Apple stores. And so, this year, were at the weekend, the cameras prior to the Apple sale of stamps, just to be safe. It was clear that there would be no real rush on the iPhone 8, because it will finally give the iPhone X soon, but so little was then probably for some amazing, and not just in Japan.


Where’s the line? Apple‘s #iPhone8 & #iPhone8Plus are being released today…but where are all the @Apple fans? Thoughts? @ABC7

— Chelsea Edwards (@abc7chelsea) September 22, 2017


Most of the Shops had no snakes, or a number of certainly on two hands countable buyers. Even in the Stammärkten such as the United States. Especially hard is likely to make Apple, however, is that apparently the pre-orders in China fell compared to the predecessors.

Presumably, these first – perhaps not quite representative Figures are likely to be the reason that the Apple share price is no longer fell back to a level that you had since the end of July.


Rosenblatt comments on iPhone 8 $AAPL

— Quoth the Raven (@QTRResearch) September 20, 2017


So far, Apple makes a good Mini for the slow game, you should not, however, appreciate that you yourself should know best how a Release of two different models could have an impact in such a short period of time to the total sales forecasts.


EXCLUSIVE: Tim Cook to CNBC: “Couldn’t be happier” with Watch & iPhone launch; already sold out in some places

— CNBC (@CNBC) September 22, 2017


Some talk now of “Peak iPhone”, ie, there are certainly analysts who are convinced that Apple has passed its Zenith. This can be heard more often and then was surprised again and again how well you can apply the leaf still in your favor.

We would, however, appreciate that it is arriving, how many iPhone X, Apple can really produce quickly, so that the brand can continue to work on the Level.



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