Does your city have mobile coverage worthy of the name? ARCEP publishes a detailed map of France

It is the morning of September 18th that ARCEP finally launched the site It is a precise map of France (metropolitan only, for now) intended to make public the quality of network coverage of operators, whether it concerns calls and SMS or 3G or 4G coverage.

It is a promised and long-awaited tool that has finally been put online by ARCEP. had already been launched last March, but in a version reduced to the only map of New Aquitaine. Since this morning, this map includes all the metropolitan France.

Check both the “simulated curve” and the “measured quality”

It includes several data. On the one hand, the mobile coverage areas declared by the four mobile operators. It is thus possible to know if a city or a village is adequately covered, whether by telephone network or 3G / 4G, by one of the four French operators. This is what ARCEP calls “simulated coverage”. This card is all the more practical as it allows to know which antennas 3G / 4G emit in the vicinity of a precise place.



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