It is finally possible to disable the Bixby button on the Galaxy S8

Bixby was introduced at the same time as the Galaxy S8 last April. This virtual assistant … is useless for francophone users. Samsung now allows to disable the button dedicated to it.

An unnecessary button

Virtual assistant wishing to walk in the footsteps of Siri, Bixby was presented in great pomp with the Galaxy S8. Samsung believed so strongly that a physical button was allocated to him on the edge of the smartphone. Little worry, the assistant only spoke Korean until recently, and he learned English a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, the French user still can not start the conversation.

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Thus, on the French S8, Bixby only serves to open an unnecessary section. Even worse, it was not uncommon for the user to accidentally press this button. But Samsung has heard calls from users by allowing today to simply disable Bixby.

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An update allows you to no longer activate the button, via the parameters. So, instead of having a painful button on the side, you will now have a button that serves no purpose. We would have preferred a modular button, able to launch the application of his choice, but that’s already it.



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