The sensor of the Samsung Galaxy S9 could (also) film up to 1000 images per second

Photo has become an aspect of utmost importance for high-end smartphone manufacturers. And Samsung would like to hit a big shot for its next device.

The Korean giant Samsung is already preparing its next flagship and industrial sources indicate that the sensor should be particularly performing. We learn that it could be able to record up to 1000 frames per second, which brings it closer to the latest Sony Exmor RS sensor, which is equipped with the Xperia XZ Premium or the XZ1 (our test).

This kind of performance is now made possible by the addition of DRAM memory on the sensor. The latter makes it possible to accelerate the exchanges between the sensor and the processor. Having as many frames per second allows for example to automatically choose the best shot on several captured in memory or to realize a super slow motion. We just hope that the final quality of the latter is higher than on the XZ1.

As for its processors, Samsung should alternate between different photoelectric sensors on its next smartphones, notably with the Sony IMX400, but also the one in preparation. It remains to be seen whether some will be disadvantaged or not. A debate that already existed between the SoC Exynos or Snapdragon. However, no information on the second sensor was filtered.



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