With the Kirin 970, the smartphones of Huawei finally let glimpse of devices equipped with intelligence

Modern smartphones are equipped with increasingly powerful chips. But what’s the use of having as much power if only a handful of gourmet applications can benefit? For Huawei, this power must above all be at the service of the user. That’s why the Kirin 970, the new generation chip that will equip future smartphones of the brand, will be able to turn smart devices into intelligent devices.

What if the smartphone of the future did more than simply acknowledge the face of the user? With the Kirin 970, tomorrow’s smartphones will be able to know when users need to be assisted. Thanks to the power of the cloud and the processing speed of Artificial Intelligence, Huawei will revolutionize the relationship we have with our smartphones.

Combining the power and mobility of smartphones with traditional AI performance

Today, efficient and effective RNs have already been developed by companies and researchers around the world. But they are often hosted in the Cloud, on powerful servers, and do not have the flexibility and mobility of an AI present on a smartphone. Information from the various sensors of the telephone and the uses of the mobile users that are essential to understand and help the users. The challenge now is to combine the data retrieved by these smartphones and to associate them with an AI present in the Cloud. And for this, it is necessary to have a powerful chip capable of linking, designed specifically for this task.


This is where the Kirin 970 chip comes in and the expertise of Huawei. The brand develops comprehensive solutions, supporting the simultaneous development of chips, products and the cloud. The goal is to enable the devices to become more responsive to the needs of the user and thus provide truly personalized and easily accessible services.

An NPU to accelerate the integration of RNs into the core of next-generation smartphones

The Kirin 970 is a powerful chip, capable of incredible raw performance. Engraved in 10 nm, it contains a CPU of 8 cores, as well as a new generation 12-core GPU. It is mainly the first chip of Huawei to embed a very first mobile AI platform of the Chinese giant, equipped with a dedicated NPU (Neural Processing Unit). It is thanks to it that the Kirin 970 can perform AI tasks faster and using less power. The chip is able to process 2,000 images per minute, making it faster than any other chipset. market.

In practical terms, this means that devices equipped with a Kirin 970 chip will be able both to run the most resource-intensive recent games, but also, by recognizing the user’s habits, to know when to start in pause to save as much battery as possible. As for the NPU, it will accelerate the speed at which the smartphone is able to recognize images, the voice of the user or even anticipate his needs.

The first device to benefit from the power of the Kirin 970 chip will be announced on October 16 by Huawei.




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