It is official, Google buys a (small) part of HTC against 1.1 billion dollars

The rumor has been running since the beginning of the month and has just been confirmed: Google has just announced that it has bought part of HTC for 1.1 billion dollars. This is actually an agreement allowing Google to get hold of the team of engineers and technicians behind the Pixel smartphones, but also on some of its patents.

Nearly six years after the takeover of Motorola, Google decides to put a foot in the world of hardware. The giant Mountain View has just announced on his blog that he has ” signed an agreement with HTC “. No question of buying the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer in its entirety as was thought at the beginning of the month, but rather to get hold of some of its teams and patents.

“With this agreement, a talented team from HTC will join Google as a new entity in its hardware branch. These future Googlers are incredible people with whom we have already worked closely on the release of Pixel smartphones. This agreement also includes a non-exclusive license to exploit HTC’s patents.

Google gets the hand on the team behind the design of the first Pixel smartphones

The New York Times had more details about this deal. According to the US newspaper, Google will pay 1.1 billion dollars for this partial redemption. HTC will therefore split from nearly 2,000 employees (engineers and project manager), who will join the Google teams. The Taiwanese loses a good part of its teams – the company had 4000 employees before this redemption – but can rely on a providential check that will allow him to get out of the water for a few months.

The HTC U11



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