The next smartphone from ZTE is damn about the Galaxy S8

ZTE Nubia had evoked the arrival of a new smartphone and it did not take long to find out.

Like the Xiaomi Mi Mix, the design of the Samsung Galaxy S8 (our test) has made many small. And the next smartphone from ZTE Nubia is the proof. The Chinese brand, which offers equipment at good value for money, recently evoked the release of a new device.

The design of the latter has quickly leaked on the net and does not really innovate despite a finish that seems to go. One notices that it embeds a borderless slab with the famous ratio 18: 9, like the flagship of Samsung (and the many Chinese imitations that bloom on the net). The screen occupies a large part of the front panel and also makes think of the new Xiaomi Mi Mix. You will have understood, this type of design of beautiful days in front of him.

The back side is equipped with a dual photo sensor and a fingerprint reader. The cliché lets imagine a glass coating. The terminal does not yet have a name although a model number already seems to exist (NX595J).

The cliché having leaked on the net, it remains to be taken with tweezers even if it seems very plausible given the current trend. We imagine that the technical sheet will follow, and we are waiting to know the tariff to know if the brand continues on the same commercial strategy as the Axon 7 or the Nubia Z11.



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