We found a utility to the Apple Watch: it cheats baseball

Using Apple’s connected watches to communicate faster on an opponent’s tactics during a baseball game, the Boston Red Sox succeeded one thing: to prove that Apple Watch was not useless. And be the subject of a complaint from Yankees of New York as well.

Do not believe that we are particularly harsh against the connected watch from Apple, but let’s be honest, the smartwatch market is not the most thrilling. So much so that in December 2016, Motorola announced that it would not produce new models of smartwatches, while Eric Xu, managing director of Huawei, said he did not see the interest of watches connected. The gloominess of the market did not prevent Samsung from taking advantage of IFA 2017 to present the Gear Sport, a new watch from the Gear S3 range.

In any case, watches already on the market, like the Apple Watch, are not promised for a sizzling future on the corner of a shelf. They could even have a great career in the baseball world … if only their use was not illegal.


Say, Siri, how to cheat baseball?

The New York Times reports that after a baseball match between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, they filed a lawsuit against the former. The reason ? The Red Sox are accused of having cheated using Apple Watch to communicate more quickly on the opponents’ hand marks, which serve to indicate the height or strength of a throw.

If the Major League of Baseball (MLB) authorizes the teams to analyze the hand marks of the opponents and to communicate them to their players, it prohibits the use of third party equipment to achieve this. For their part, the Red Sox have not denied having used the Watcth Apple. They also filed a lawsuit against the Yankees, accusing them of using their own televised network to analyze the signs of the players.

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For now, the MLB commission of inquiry has not made any decision regarding the fate of the Red Sox. And for those who wonder, no, the Apple Watch did not allow the Boston team to win the game since it lost 9-2 against the Yankees.




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