Automaton Games: Last-man standing with 400 players in PvP on 144 km²

Automaton Games: Last-man standing with 400 players in PvP on 144 km²

The British developer studio Automaton Games is working on a survival combat game, which is to honor the name of MMO: up to 1,000 players should act simultaneously. A PvP mode with up to 400 counterparties in the Last Man Standing contest is also planned. A comparison with PUBG is formally required.

The comparison to PUBG is pressing

In the driving water of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), which celebrates its popularity records in player numbers, other games with a similar approach try their luck. So Fortnite will soon be given a battle-Royale mode: in an ever-smaller playing field, everyone fights against anyone until only one or a team survives. The success of PUBG is based on this concept. And Automaton’s work also has similarities.

CryEngine, SpatialOS and Maps with 12 × 12 km

To what extent the survival game of Automaton, which is also called a tactical MMO shooter, all aspects of the Battle Roayle principle is not yet clear. The game does not even have an official name and is still under “Project X” led. Based on CryEk’s CryEngine and Improbable’s SpatialOS cloud technology, PUBG’s number of players will be significantly surpassed by a maximum of 100 players per match.

The Spielareal is also 12 x 12 km larger than the genre primus with currently 8 × 8 km. For the game world many details, dynamic weather and destruction are promised. There is also talk of the tracks and the bloodshed, the experience, the huntsman or the hunted.

” This project delivers on unprecedented fidelity and scale of world simulation, and complex interactions between authored and player-driven content, ” said Automaton CEO James Thompson.

10 million US dollar starting capital

The financing of the ambitious project seems to be on solid ground. Because Automaton Games and Improbable have announced that Cambridge Venture Partners will contribute an investment sum of 10 million US dollars. The publication is scheduled for 2018.

Automaton Games is an independent developer studio from the UK who has already gained experience with the CryEngine with the multiplayer horror shooter Deceit.



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